Gate Street Barn Wedding Photographer

Marisa & Ed’s country wedding at Gate Street Barn with a Claire Pettibone dress

Surrey, UK

I was a Gate Street Barn Wedding Photographer for this stunning African-inspired luxury Surrey wedding. I cannot lie – this wedding was very close to my heart. Africa (particularly Zambia) is my spiritual home having grown up there, and sweet Marisa and Edward had a beautiful African-inspired wedding which had me at the word go. The couple celebrated their nuptials on a stunning July day at Gate Street Barn in Bromley, Surrey. With Marisa’s family in Zambia and Edward’s family in the Caribbean and Germany, they felt the UK would be a central place for their wedding blessing where they could bring a little bit of all of those elements together and have a lovely mix of cultures for their big day.

Surrey romantic wedding photographer Claire Pettibone dress

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Great Fosters Wedding Photographer

Hayley & Ammar’s Luxury Spring Wedding in Surrey with a Caroline Castigliano dress

Surrey, UK

I was a Great Fosters Wedding Photographer for this couple. This gorgeous couple met on a night out in London with common friends. It didn’t take long for Ammar to pursue this lovely lady once he’d laid eyes on her, and he was on a mission to impress! Ammar would be no stranger on a show like Masterchef with his culinary talent whipping up a delicious 5-course Michelin star worthy meal with relative ease. Rumour has it that when he has friends over for dinner, the flowers and table arrangements at his home are not that different from the opulent table designs by By Appointment Only Design at the wedding! It didn’t take long for Hayley to fall for this charming man, and it was just a matter of time before Ammar asked for Hayley’s hand in marriage.


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Bath Wedding Photographer

Isabel & Ferdinand’s Pretty Wicks Farm Barns Wedding with a David Fielden Dress

Bath, UK

When I got to Isabel’s mum’s house on the morning of the wedding, it felt like the celebrations had already begun. There’s something I love about big families and Izzy’s is no exception: With 5 siblings (3 brothers and 2 sisters), big families always seem to be having a party every time they all get together! Throw in a few more bridesmaids and relatives into the mix and you have one busy wedding household – there was laughter and chatting from the bridesmaids, the smell of scrambled eggs and salmon coming from the kitchen, people running up and down the stairs of the 3-storey house and the final touches being made to the to the table plan by her brothers.


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